Making My Husband Love Me

How to Make Your Husband Fall in Love With You Again

Single women tend to think that married women have it all. We’re the ones who are lucky enough to have a husband and a stable life. The only problem with that is that relationships change over time and if you are like me, you may even reach a point where you question whether your husband is still “in love” with you. It’s stressful and frustrating being in a marriage and feeling as though your husband has lost his passion for you.

When I first realized this was happening in my marriage I tried everything I could think of to renew his feelings for me. I tried to lose weight, I cooked the dinners he liked, and I even planned weekend getaways for just the two of us, without the kids. He’d thank me for the effort, but the dynamic of the relationship wasn’t changing at all.

It reached a point where I began to fear that he was going to ask me for a divorce. My married friends all had their own words of wisdom to offer to me to get my husband to fall back in love. I quickly realized that taking advice from women who didn’t seem all that happily married wasn’t something I needed to be doing.

I’m not sure why I didn’t realize sooner if I wanted to get my husband to fall in love with me again – to treat me the way he did when we first met and married I needed to regain access to his heart and make myself irresistible to him again.

I wanted my marriage to thrive and be fulfilling for both me and my husband again. I knew that he wasn’t happy and I also knew that he wasn’t doing anything to remedy the situation.

If you love your husband and you want to make him fall in love with you again – you need to know how to make him emotionally dependent on you.

My husband and I are now happier than ever – he tells me over and over again everyday how much he loves me and more importantly he shows it.

What Won’t Rekindle His Love For You

Mistakes Wives Must Avoid

Being a wife certainly doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect all of the time. Sometimes we feel that way though, especially if we fear that our husbands don’t love us the same way anymore. In an effort to rekindle the love in the relationship you may be tempted to try just about anything. Some things can actually damage your relationship even further.

Here’s a list of things you should avoid doing if you want to make your husband fall in love with you again:

Force him to talk about his feelings. Most of us married women have been in a situation where we’ve nagged our husbands into talking to us about his feelings. This rarely goes well and most men will simply state that they have nothing to say. If you continually try and get your husband to open up about his feelings, when he doesn’t want to, you are creating even more of a distance between the two of you.

Compare him to your friends’ husbands. Nothing kills a man’s ego more than being compared to another man. If you insist on talking about how much your friend’s husband loves her and how you wish for that in your marriage, you are going to make your husband feel inadequate. If he feels inadequate when it comes to loving you, he’s going to give up trying. NEVER compare your husband to another man for any reason.

Assume your husband can read your mind. We all wish we had a husband who was empathetic and could anticipate what we are feeling. If you feel that your husband is losing interest in you and falling out of love with you, he likely has no clue that you are experiencing that. Being sad and acting quiet around him will not help him to see what the issue is. Don’t be hurt if he doesn’t have insight into what you are feeling.

If you want your marriage to turn around, if you dream about the day your husband falls deeply in love with you again, you need to realize what you have to do to change that. The power to make your husband love you again is in your hands – not his.

Inspire Your Husband to Love You Again

Unlock his Emotional Triggers

Reawakening your husband’s adoration and love for you can feel like an insurmountable challenge. You look at the man you married and you can’t help but wonder what you might have done differently. Many women feel exactly the same way when they first notice the shift within their own marriages. It’s hard not to wish that things could be back the way they were when your husband first asked you to marry him.

When I first felt there was distance between myself and my husband I admit I panicked a bit. I tried to get him to open up about what he was feeling. (If your husband is anything like mine you know that it was very much like pulling teeth.) Men just aren’t naturally as open with their feelings as we are. They keep their emotions pretty close to the vest which makes it very challenging when you’re trying to sort through your marriage issues so you can find the love that once was there.

The very fact that you recognize that there’s a problem is the first step in the right direction. Many women worry that because their husbands aren’t as affectionate or loving anymore that it can never be the way it once was. It can actually be even better.

When your spouse starts to lose interest in you, you have the power within yourself to make your husband love you more than ever.

You can push specific emotional triggers within him so that everything he feels for you will come rushing out again. He’ll be a more devoted partner, he’ll show his affection more regularly and he’ll be the compassionate and loving man you need and want him to be. You just need to learn how to guide your marriage from one of loneliness and resentment to one of mutual fulfillment, respect and a deep, unending love.

There’s a way for any woman who isn’t happy within her marriage to change things beginning now. You don’t have to continue to live in a relationship in which you feel emotionally neglected and unloved. By watching this insightful video you’re going to learn  how to connect with your husband in a way that breaks down his emotional defenses so he opens himself up to you in a way he never has before.

Watch the video now to finally feel appreciated and adored by the man you love. Your marriage can be mutually satisfying, fun and enriching. This is guaranteed to change your marriage forever.

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